e-Label Web Interface
e-Label is not exclusivley for smartphone use - it is also all available on the web. The mobile apps are great to check product information while you are on the go. The e-Label web interface allows you go further in-depth and read the supporting background information or "resources".

e-Label.org To see live examples of the web interface click here to go to the "Special Previews" section. Click on any of the categories to access the 18 live examples.

e-Label.org If you would like to see more and contribute your questions or comments about products (any product!) then click here to sign up and our team will guide you through the process.
The diagram below shows some of the e-Label web interface elements. Click on the diagram to go straight through to the "Special Previews" section and see the e-Label web interface in action. If you would like to start contributing on the e-Label platform right away then click here - once you have joined up one of our keen bean team members will contact you to find out how you would like to get involved. If there is a specific product you would like added then please let us know.