e-Label Contributors

e-Label contributors have diverse backgrounds ranging from engineering to law to science to IT.
Here are the profiles of some of most regular of the 150+ contributors.

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Katherine Tudsbury

Katherine obtained her Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University in 2011, after using nutrition to manage her own health problems and ultimately falling in love with the subject. During her studies she worked in the natural health field as an advisor at Organic Living health shop in Cape Town. She has been involved with the Nutritionist website since 2007 and has continued to provide product ratings for the site over the years. She has a passion for researching and writing about health and its link to nutrition. Being a member of SAANT, Katherine brings with her a close relationship with the nutritionists in South Africa and having worked in the health retail industry she has a vast knowledge of products and suppliers. Katherine thinks that e-Label can help people become more aware and more responsible, not only from an environmental (or ethical) point of view, but for themselves. At the end of the day, what we eat makes us who we are! The more accurate information there is about what we consume, the more empowered people can be about their health. Katherine is the e-Label category-manager for nutrition & health.

Megan Perry

Megan is a certified Nutritional Therapist holding a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, IAN Australia. Megan suffered from many illnesses as well as a number of allergies and intolerances throughout her childhood and teenage years. Desperate to find a natural alternative she became interested in Nutrition. She completed her Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and made the necessary changes to her diet and lifestyle to regain her health. She practices part-time from her home in Cape Town’s Southern Peninsula with a passion and hope to help others regain their health as she did. She is a member of SAANT (South African Association for Nutritional Therapy) and NSSA (Nutrition Society of Southern Africa). She treats and supports all areas of health by incorporating nutrition, detoxification, food supplements, restoring balance, lifestyle changes and working synergistically with other healthcare practitioners for an overall treatment.

Andrea Jenkins

Andrea is a certified nutritional therapist, UK trained under nutrition guru, Patrick Holford. After completion of a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Andrea left for London and became actively involved with the health industry. Whilst studying her 3 year diploma in Nutrition, she assisted in the development and running of Wholefood stores in central London. Her consulting practice began in London and extended to Thailand where she consulted, wrote and researched further. Since back in South Africa, Andrea has been managing the highly successful Organic Living health and lifestyle centre, Constantia Village. She currently practices from Newlands village and Zetlers pharmacy, Garden centre.

Margie Jansen

Margie started her career in the advertising industry and has, since moving into the social development sector, been working towards marrying her knack for media & communication with effecting social change. She's worked on a number of advocacy campaigns, including an international campaign promoting maternal and child health, and serves as an advocacy consultant to a number of NGOs in Cape Town. Margie is interested in getting to the bottom of, predominantly, the social and health issues associated with the production and consumption of food. When not at e-Label, she can be found working on an outreach programme aimed at educating high school learners about the value chains of food production.

Mark Fox

In 2007, Mark also began collaborating with Theresa Wilson from The Sustainability Institute on Environmental ratings. Mark and Theresa were joined by a group of Nutritional Therapists who contributed nutrition and health information to the environmental ratings. Mark sold his web development company in 2005 so he could volunteer for local environmental NGOs. Mark started developing the e-Label concept and the technology that makes it possible.

Grant McPherson

Having been born into a family that always considered charity work as part of their day-today living, it was natural that after studying Marketing he went on to help assist in setting up the FoodBank as well as running a successful programme called "Lunch Buddies". Served on various Boards and held many management positions with a keen interest in media, marketing and NGO work his time is currently split between these industries. Grant believes wholeheartedly in the technology that is e-Label considering that is he is a practicing Vegan and a strong voice for animal and human rights.

Leonie Mervis

Film maker, designer & eco architect, established Wildfire to bring together a group of professionals who could use their skills in design & film to create a better world.

Rachel Briant

Although new to the journalism world, Rachel Briant knows where her passions lie – which includes supporting a better approach to business that benefits not only the pockets of CEOs, but the lives of their consumers as well as our natural environment. By writing for e-Label, she is fuelling a hope that the world can be better if we only speak up and say ‘no’ to dodgy business ethics. The time of naively trusting products are created with our best interests at heart is now over.

Haidee Swanby

Haidee completed a BA in journalism and psychology at Rhodes University in 1992, after which she took a few gap years to travel, mostly in Europe. While in Amsterdam she came across an intentional community practicing permaculture. “I lived with them for 6 months and I was sold! A whole new world where the Earth was intelligent and supreme opened up to me and I was changed forever. On my return to South Africa I taught permaculture design in a few schools in an informal settlement just outside of Johannesburg. I fast learnt that the dynamics in our incredibly unequal and newborn country were vastly different from the stable European world, where experimenting in alternative lifestyles is made possible by the social safety security net enjoyed by all citizens. I went on to learn about the real dynamics of African farming communities as the South African co-ordinator of the Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) Association. I was privileged to travel extensively in East and Southern Africa, visiting small-scale farmers and interacting with NGOs and social movements.” Haidee is currently studying sustainable agriculture at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. Haidee is the e-Label category-manager for social justice.

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