Recommended Resources
The following links provide interesting resources, filtered according to the categories used on e-Label.
There are lots of resources available online, but these are a few that our research team has found especially useful. It is important that the statements made on the e-Label platform are backed up with references, so we’ve linked the references in the comments to this page - filtered according to the relevant category. If you’d like to check out some more general resources, here are a few for the most part, they are internationally recognized organisations that have made their valuable research available on their websites.
Global Animal Partnership
Humane Myth
Biodiversity International
Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa
Environmental Working Group
Water Footprint Network
Food Climate Research Council
Ethical Consumer
The WWF-BWI is working closely with a number of South African wine producers to encourage them to farm sustainably and dedicate parts of their farms to natural biodiversity. Information about the BWI best-practice standards and the individual successes of BWI Members and Champions is available here.
Fairtrade-SA is a growing branch of Fairtrade international, and has certified several products and services that are available in South Africa. Information about their standards and certified products is available here.

WWF-SASSI has a large database of information about marine life that is available to South African consumers in the form of seafood. These resources are available here - providing species-specific information, photographs, fishing methods and areas of capture.