The e-Label app : which phone do I need?

Any Android, iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry "smartphone" can run the e-Label app. Your phone just needs an auto-focus camera (so that it can scan barcodes), and an internet connection so that it can connect to the e-Label servers. To get the app, just register here!

e-Label If you dont have a smartphone?

No problem, just register on the e-Label website
, and interact with products using the e-Label web interface. You might want to invest in a smartphone at some point. Be sure to recycle your old phone, though. To see special-previews of the e-Label web interface without registering, click here.
Apple iPhone 4.3 & older
(Currently in beta-testing)
e-Label (iPhone)
Samsung Galaxy SI, SII
(Currently in beta-testing)
e-Label on Samsung Galaxy
Blackberry (in development)
Blackberry Storm
Nokia (in development)
e-Label on Nokia

The e-Label service is not exclusivley for people who own a smartphone. The smartphone apps are just for practical and functional reasons; for example : you will be able to use the e-Label app while shopping. The e-Label platform is also available online on any computer with an internet connection.

e-Label Web Interface Click here to find out more about the e-Label web interface.

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