Part of what makes e-Label into a working platform and a helpful resource for South African consumers is exposure to be public. The more people who know about e-Label, the more input, the better for all those involved. Here are copies of some of the media exposure which we have gained since our launch in mid-October 2011. We were also interviewed on John Maytham's 567 Cape Talk show, and were written about in other newspapers such as Pretoria News. Also keep a look out for our PSA on Cape Town TV (CTV), a local community TV channel, coming soon to a TV near you.
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Fairtrade International Symposium, Liverpool, England

Date : 3 April 2012.
Fairtrade International Symposium
Taxi Radio

Date : 12 March 2012.
Listen to Eitan's interview :

Eitan Stern (Project Manager) was interviewed by Rolene Sher.
Botanical Society

Date Issued: 2 March 2012.

Date Issued: 17 February 2012.
Bush Radio

Date : 27 January 2012.
Bush Radio Eitan Stern (Project Manager) was interviewed by Ruth Molteno.

Date : 14 January 2012.
SAFM Eitan Stern (Project Manager) was interviewed by Monique Stander.
Mail and Guardian

Date Issued: 12 January 2012
Mail and Guardian

Date Issued: 11 January 2012
Eat In

Date Issued: 11 November 2011.
Urban Edge

Date Issued: 25 October 2011.
Cape Times

Date : 22 December 2011.
SAFM Eitan Stern (Project Manager) was interviewed by Nancy Richards.
Cape Talk

Date : 18 October 2011.
Nicholas Wiid (Concerned Consumers) was interviewed by John Maytham.

Date Issued: 18 October 2011.
The New Age

Date Issued: 22 September 2011.
The Big Issue

Date Issued: 17 October 2011.