e-Label Dev Team
The e-Label platform functions both online and through mobile applications. The idea is that one will be able to use the e-Label system to chose their products, in the shop, while shopping.

Pretty cool huh?

The e-Label apps for Android and iPhone are in the beta testing phase. The Blackberry and Nokia versions are on the way. If you have a smartphone and use any of these operating systems, and want to get involved with e-Label, then why  not come on-board as a beta tester for our new mobile apps?

e-Label.org Click here to sign-up, get the app and get involved.
e-Label (Collaborative Eco-Labelling)
Our development team is hiring.

Email your CV along with a short motivation to contact@elabel.org.

Our Design/Development Team

Web Application Developer & Programmer
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Mobile Web Application Developer & Programmer
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Looking to fufill your dream of becoming a web developer? Join our team by sending us your CV to cv@elabel.org, with a short motivation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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