Concerned Consumers

Concerned Consumers is a growing community of South Africans who are becoming increasingly interested in the origins of their food, and their right to make informed choices about the food they buy. With the new Consumer Protection Act that came into force on the 1st April 2011, power has been placed in the hands of consumers to lay complaints against misleading labeling, non-transparent advertising, and unacceptable environmental, social and animal practices.

Working towards transparency in the food and retail industry.
Concerned Consumers as an organisation will serve as a network for consumer activists, however, its main role will be to provide the content for the elabel platform, in terms of specific information relating to the individual categories for each product on the e-Label database. Much of this information will be gathered by means of:
. Structured, well-researched questionnaires directed at producers & retailers,
. In-depth research conducted by the Concerned Consumers research team and
. Existing databases of information assembled by some of our partners.

Download the Concerned Consumers Dairy Questionnaire (PDF File Format)
Download the e-Label Introduction for Producers and Suppliers (PDF File Format)
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