Do you want to enjoy the work you do, make a difference in the world, and still be able to pay the bills? Working with a social enterprise is the answer. Here at e-Label the emphasis is on 'love what you do, and do what you love'. We are looking for passionate, career-driven people to join our team.While we may be hippies at heart, we wear suits in the boardroom. Looking for something new? Come see our work space and meet the team.

Are you looking for work that'll make a difference? e-Label is looking for a mid-level inhouse programmer to work on the e-Label software and website.

Not all programmers have to work at mundane jobs wearing a necktie and designing banking software. Some programmers can use their skills to work for what they believe in. Being a computer geek doesn't mean you have to be boring.

Come be part of this dynamic team creating what we hope will be 'the next big thing'. Send your CV to, with a short motivation.

Career synopsis of category managers:

The e-Label “category coordinators” are responsible for the overall quality and quantity of content on the e-Label platform specific to the category or categories which they have chosen to manage. At present, ten categories have been identified, but it is an open list, and maybe you can help us expand our research scope.

The category managers are primarily responsible for consulting with recognised experts to obtain reliable information - they are not expected to have expert opinions, themselves. They are also responsible for connecting with civil society organisations that can contribute to the platform and benefit from the resulting network.

Basically, research is the basis of e-Label, and all ideas are welcome. So if you’re talented, passionate and into the environment, contact us.