About e-Label

As consumers, the daily choices we make have an enormous impact on the fragile ecosystems across our planet; the ecosystems that support our lifestyles, and ultimately our lives. Headline issues like deforestation, over-fishing, genetic pollution and habitat destruction each have their root cause in the supply of the products we buy.

If we make more informed, environmentally responsible choices, we could significantly curb our adverse impact. Exercising this power is arguably the single most powerful thing a consumer can do to ensure the existence of humanity. Unfortunately, information about products and services is often sparse, and alarmingly misleading - so much so that even if consumers are dedicated to making informed choices, they are effectively unable to do so.

e-Label (Android)
e-Label was developed to enable the sharing of unbiased information about products and services, particularly with regard to environmental, social justice and animal welfare concerns.

Users are able to register (free of charge but not anonymously) to access and interact with the e-Label platform, and obtain valuable information about the products and services they use. This information is contributed predominantly by South African civil society partners such as Fairtrade (SA), WWF-SASSI, WWF-BWI, Project 90 by 2030, Compassion In World Farming SA and others.

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The importance of this platform is that it connects and empowers like-minded consumers

and that it collates information that would otherwise have been scattered across the net, or in the confines of a manufacturer's database. Not only will this information be available in one "space", i.e. on a single website or channel, it will also be available via mobile apps (currently iPhone, Android and soon Nokia and Blackberry).

The consumer can scan the barcode of any product with their smartphone, and automatically access the information relevant to that product from the e-Label servers: allowing them to make an informed choice on-the-go.

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