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EcoProducts (e-Label)
By taking a few seconds to download an app onto their smart phone, and scan in the barcode of a product, consumers have immediate access to objective 3rd party information about the product they’re wanting to buy.

The idea behind this concept is to support and promote ethical and conscious consuming and at the same time showcase and feature a local product that’s being ethically produced.

In this video we feature Baobab oil which is produced in the Limpopo and cold pressed in South Africa’s first Baobab oil processing plant run by EcoProducts.   The oil is made from the seeds of the Baobab fruit pods which are collected by local Venda women thereby providing a much needed source of income to these local communities who live in the poorest and most underdeveloped parts of Southern Africa. Households are often headed by women, who have to support large extended families.

There are few jobs in this area and local people rely on subsistence agriculture and social grants for their survival. Thus, working directly with these communities, brings much needed economic benefits. Not only are there significant community benefits, EcoProducts baobab seed pods are sustainably harvested and  do not damage the trees in any way. However, despite provincial and national legislation that protect baobabs, trees are being cut down to make way for fields roads and houses.

Through the sale of EcoProducts baobab oil, this trend has been reversed in many areas. EcoProducts is certified organic by BCS by EU (European Union) and NOP (Natural Organic Program)/USDA standards. e-Label has progressively expanded its product database so that almost the entire food range of Woolworths is available for consumer scanning as well as a number of products from other major retailers.

Even if a consumer scans a product that isn’t on the database, the enquiry gets queued so that it gets prioritised for uploading and research. e-Label is working collaboratively on a series of projects with Fairtrade Label South Africa, WWF-SASSI, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), WWF-BWI (Biodiversity Wine Initiative) and others to put the power of choice where it belongs; in the hands of the consumer. Watch this short 90 second video and use the power of your smart phone to make your best choices – for you, your family and the world we share.We’d love to hear your comments and feedback. Talk to us at